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Adding a new member to your family is an amazing and exciting time, it also comes with a long list of new responsibilities.

Saving money in this day and age should be considered along the same lines as the air we breathe - an essential part of life! For those in debt however, it can feel like a near impossible task to do these two simultaneously. Let Globe Finance Inc., help!

Buying Land vs. Buying A House

Your home will ultimately be the biggest investment you ever make in life.  After considering a Budget, the next thought is usually whether to look at buying a home or building it.  How do you know which is best for you?

Should I Buy or Rent?

Becoming a home owner is indeed a fantastic achievement but as an adult, it is important to decide whether buying a home or renting one is in fact the ideal thing for YOU to do.  Renting may sometimes mean smaller payments each month but the lack of return on your investment-and the limit