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4 Ways to Ensure Your Summer Vacation is Affordable

4 Ways to Ensure Your Summer Vacation is Affordable

Choosing to go on vacation this summer may seem a little intimidating right now but after a long year of inevitable ups and downs, we believe you deserve that get-a-way. Should you be considering a summer vacation with your family, Globe Finance Inc is here to offer advice on how to make it as affordable as possible.  Check out our compilation of a few ways to ensure that your summer vacation is affordable right here:    

Choose to Staycation
Are you familiar with all that your own ‘Island in the Sun’ has to offer? This year, why not skip the hassle and taxing costs of air fare and plan a staycation right here at home enjoying the wonder, tranquility and scenic beauty responsible for the attraction of thousands of tourists here each year.  Barbados has many hotels and guest houses to choose from, whether you are looking for the peace and quiet of a rustic get-a-way or maybe the luxury of a bustling hotel set amongst the many amenities and beaches around, Barbados has it-and both can be found on any of the Island’s coasts, what’s more is that locals enjoy a better rate!

Plan Ahead
Technology has made life easy in many ways so use it to your advantage and plan ahead for a most affordable summer vacation. Throughout the year, pay attention to apps such as TripAdvisor, Oasis and AirBnB which offer you reviews, costs and even suggested tours which can help you select the best options based on your pocket and which will allow you to save with figures already in mind. Some hotels (and vacation rentals) will even reward loyalty with a discount for future bookings-so you can cash in on this year's rates for next year by locking in your future vacation at checkout.

Opt For A Package Deal
If your summer vacation consists of traveling to only one destination, look for a package deal with your agent, or online, that includes all of your wishes such as hotel, airfare, car rental, tours etc., as bundling is always a cheaper option than paying for them individually.

Consider Location, Location, Location
Where you choose to stay on summer vacation could have a huge impact on your guest house or hotel room’s rate.  Factors such as staying at the heart of all major amenities, or near to the major attractions, will cost you more than the more isolated areas. Deciding what type of summer vacation you want to have, will decipher the type of area you will want to stay in.  *Tip*- Investigate the public transportation system or find out if you can easily walk to any attractions or amenities before booking.

Cash in on Your Rewards
Save money on your summer vacation by reserving your earned Credit Card points for it! Throughout the year, you would have been using your Globe Finance VISA Credit Card and now is the time to take advantage of the non-expiring reward points earned on every purchase.  Speak to your friendly Globe Finance Inc Representative today for more information on how those points can be used towards your summer travel, accommodation or cruise. See more information on  these cards here:  http://bit.ly/2syUb3O