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Foreign Exchange Trading

Foreign Exchange

As an authorised Foreign Exchange dealer, we offer international payments at competitive rates enabling you to send and receive funds to and from anywhere around the globe quickly and efficiently.  We have a knowledgeable team on hand ready to assist with all your foreign exchange needs.

Our Foreign Exchange Service is ideal for:

  • Companies who export goods and services - foreign funds received and converted at attractive rates
  • Companies who import goods and services - foreign funds remitted at a low cost
  • Individuals who wish to send monies to or receive monies from their loved ones overseas 

Service Offers:

  • International wire transfers
  • Foreign currency accounts – USD only
  • Registering incoming foreign funds with Central Bank of Barbados
  • Processing Central Bank of Barbados applications for the purchase of foreign currency

International Business

We provide wire transfer services to international clients – International Business Companies (IBC), Societies with Restricted Liability (SRL), etc.  No minimum balance is required to get started.

Our International Business Service is ideal for:

  • Foreign currency accounts – USD only
  • International wire transfers
  • Wire transfers to local accounts at preferential rates